Aloe vera for gums, teeth and gingivitis

aloe vera gingivitis and teethsAloe vera plant is well known in Spain and Latin America, that’s why the studies about how to use aloe vera for gums and teeth that we will link, come from spanish texts.

According from that studies the aloe vera plant reduce the inflammations on the mouth and gums and even throat inflammations. For that we have to use the aloe vera gel that you can obtain directly from the plant or maybe purchasing on the market or Spain market online.

The aloe vera applied in the gums will result in immediate anti-inflammatory effects that will decrease your pain and show a progressive repair on damaged inflamed gums. You can do an aloe vera gel as a home remedy to cure oral gingivitis, which will help to regenerate the gums.

Aloe vera for gingivitis

The article below contains information taken from the study ‚ÄúEFECTO DE UN ENJUAGUE BUCAL COMPUESTO DE ALOE VERA EN LA PLACA BACTERIANA E INFLAMACI√ďN GINGIVAL‚ÄĚ prepared by Octavio Jos√© Villalobos, Specialist Dentist in Periodontics, Carmen Rosa Salazar V. Professor of the Faculty of Dentistry from the University of Zulia and Gisela Ram√≠rez de S√°nchez Dr. in Dentistry Mg in Periodontics Professor of the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Zulia.

The hypothesis develop for this study was based in two verified facts:

  1. that aloe vera has antibacterial properties and
  2. that tartar accumulated on teeth are also bacteria growing up on teeth and gums.

So the hypothesis try to found how beneficial is the aloe vera for gums, teeth and if aloe vera does help on gingivitis problems.


What is good for sore gums and swollen gums? Does aloe vera help gingivitis?

aloe vera gingivitis and gums

In the experiment developed, 40 individuals with proven gingivitis where examined, the benefits of aloe vera for gums and gingivitis were demonstrated decreasing the tartar bacterial plaque that cause gingivitis and helping with swollem gums.

The process: The individuals were prescribed that they should keep an aloe vera mouthwash in their mouth for 30 seconds in the morning and at night after brushing teeht routine, for 30 days. The study concluded that aloe vera gel decreased bacterial plaque and gingivitis inflammation.

Explanation: This is due to the fact that aloe vera contains bradykininase that is responsible for disinflammation, which significantly reduces pain, and which leads to a decrease in bacterial plaque.

It is highlighted from this study that no negative side effects were observed due to the application of aloe vera, so the use of aloe vera for gingivitis is highly recommended as a routine if you have gingivitis or, sore o swolle gums.


What is a good toothpaste for gingivitis?

aloe vera toothpasteAt market you can buy different kind of products from aloe vera for to dismish gingivitis problems like toothpaste, mouthwash and even pure gel. Or maybe you can do it at home obtaining aloe vera gel if you have an aloe vera plant.


How to use aloe vera for gingivitis? – Aloe vera on gums

aloe vera gingivitisIn the mentioned study, an aloe vera mouthwash was used but you can also apply the aloe vera pulp directly from the plant to the swollem gum to cure inflammations.


  • Wash the aloe vera leaves with water and remove the plant peel.
  • Leave in water for 12 hours until removing the aloin (a yellow or brown substance).
  • Drop the water and squeeze the pulp into a cloth until the water is completely removed.
  • Apply the gel for 30 seconds after washing for 1 month on swollen gums.
  • Store the homemade aloe vera gel in a maximum refrigerator for 2 weeks.

In other recipes it is recommended not to make it gel, you can apply the pulp directly in the area, if you have the plant at home then do it. Or maybe you can easily get aloe vera gel in online stores, the most famous brands come from Spain.


Aloe vera on gums conclusion

With the continuous use of this natural aloe vera recipe you will notice the positive effects of gingivitis quickly, once cured gingivitis, it is advisable to use aloe vera toothpastes continuously for your brush teeth routine as a prevention and care of your gums.


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